Driving licence B+E trailer and caravan towing courses from Preston in Lancashire.

Our car and trailer test training courses are designed for anyone who needs to tow a heavy trailer or caravan that has a combined (vehicle and trailer) weight over 3500kg. If you passed your standard category B car driving test after 1st January 1997, you are required by law to pass a car and trailer driving test which will add category B+E entitlement onto your driving licence.
Towing courses in Preston Lancashire
People who would require a B+E driving licence entitlement for vehicles and trailers that are likely to be over 3500kg are :
Caravan Owners
Horse box trailer owners
Boat trailer owners
Council and Utilities Employees
Builders and Trades People

Our aim is for you to learn to tow a trailer safely by training with us. We want you to pass your B+E car and trailer driving test quickly, with the minimum amount of cost for the best quality training.

For friendly advice or to book a Car and Trailer Training Course, please call Adrian on 01772 727390